Tarona Leonora (b. 1985) is an artist and photographer living and working in Amsterdam. Her work focuses on observing cultural and psychological phenomena.


2010 - 2017 Fine Arts (Photography) BA, WdKA, Rotterdam, NL
2016 Scarlett Hooft Graafland, Staging Masterclass, NL
2015 - 2016 Minor Critical Studies, WdKA, Rotterdam, NL
2015 Max Pinckers, Strategies In Visual Storytelling Masterclass, NL
2015 Colour Correction For Film, SVA, New York, USA
2015 All:Expanded, Film Production Internship, New York, USA


2018 Photography x Mental Health, Group, SAI, Amsterdam, NL
2016 GUP New 2017, Group, 5&33 Gallery, Amsterdam, NL
2016 Trespassers W, Group, Wijnhaven Festival, Rotterdam, NL
2016 Unstated (or, Living Without Approval), Group, BAK, Utrecht, NL
2014 Tension, Group, Fenixloodsen, Rotterdam, NL
2014 Bring Your Own Beamer, Group, Singer Sweat Shop, Rotterdam, NL
2012 JR's Inside Out, Group, HipHopHuis, Rotterdam, NL
2011 Artefact, Group, Bootleg, Rotterdam, NL

Selected Print Publications

2018 Twisted Elegance, #4 Typical Issue, Typical Girls Magazine, UK
2016 New 2017, New Dutch Photography Talent, GUP, NL ISBN 978908248332